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Cancer In The 1st House

Cancer In The 1st House

Cancer In The 1st House

Cancer in the 1st house – Cancer on the cusp of the first house

With Cancer in the 1st house you identify yourself through your emotions. Your self-identity is rooted either in nurturing and protecting yourself emotionally, or in your ability to care for those you consider to be your emotional cornerstones – the people you care about most (who are often the people you perceive to care about you most).

Your childhood or events in your childhood – especially events involving women – may be central to your self-identity. You may also define yourself through your familial role – as father, mother, child, sibling, etc. – before you define yourself as your own individual or independent person.

Cancer on the cusp of the first house is involved with the proper development of the personality. Most people who have Cancer ascendant tend to be biased in a basic emotional manner. They tend to be sympathetic, sensitive, touchy, and very possessive. They must see themselves as they relate to all of life and not as life relates to them. They react too much in all given situations through the emotions.

Often the Cancer personality seems rather unstable, tending not to have roots, being inconsistent in behavioral patterns. They often tend to be a will-o’the-wisp in life, drifting from one thing to another; here again is that lack of stability. But mainly it is a lack of emotional stability. They should develop the quality of compassion and understanding where they are concerned, and the world should see them as a more detached type of person, yet understanding and compassionate.

It would be more advisable for the Cancer ascendant person to express qualities of empathy for his fellow man rather than emotions toward them. A quality of the Cancer sign is possessiveness, in that they tend to hold on to the past. Carlos Castaneda said, “Forget the past, and you are free.” The Cancerian has to forget the past, to free himself from the shackles of past regrets, guilt complexes, and through these, of course, Cancer could daydream or fantasize, which again are negative characteristics. The person should see past events as stepping stones, whether these are obstacles, limitations, or opportunities taken advantage of.

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