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Cancer April 2015 Horoscope

Your tenth house is being transited by Sun and Uranus during first weeks of the month, bringing the focus on your career and situation. This position is one that suggests you will be noticed. This month you can follow a favorable path and you should try to apply all your talent in following what you truly believe and wish for yourself in life.

A meeting with a powerful individual could help your career along. Mars in your solar eleventh house is energizing your social activities, group activities and time with friends. Your high energy will be infectious. You are going to be an organizer or at least an initiator of action. While no one in a group will work harder than you, sometimes you can be a disruptive force because of your independent attitude.

On the 20th Sun moves into your solar eleventh house to help you with matters of friends, associates, and your highest goals and aspirations.

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