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Cancer Cartoon Character

Barney RubbleBarney Rubble of The Flintstones is always trying to get rich quick with his buddy, Fred Flintstone. When he discovers that he can’t get rich quick, he immediately retreats to his house and his infinitely patient and understanding wife.

Those born under the Sign of Cancer the Crab are the same, in that they love to dream — but when those dreams don’t evolve they need a safe place to stay until they are ready to try again!

Barney, also like the typical Cancer person, has many good traits. These traits are reflected in their day-to-day routine experienced at the workplace and in the home. Barney’s kindness and compassion show up when he forgives Fred for the umpteenth time for getting carried away, and the Crab probably sees itself clearly in Barney’s “go get ’em!” attitude – not to mention his ongoing sensitivity towards others.

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