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Cancer Character From The Movie Troy


This page uses the movie Troy to illustrate character that personify the Cancer sign of the zodiac.

Just for fun and variety in learning more about your Sun Sign, I’m describing Cancer Zodiac Sign using character from the movie Troy.

Cancer and …  Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy in TroyMother, Mommie, Ma, Mama, Mom, etc. Scratch a Cancer and under there somewhere is an inordinate love for the mother archetype.

For American men, the Cancer woman is probably the ideal, including the big breasts that American men prefer. So let’s feature Diane Kruger here, who played Helen of Troy in Troy. She is a Cancer by birth. She has a Cancerian look of vulnerability in her eyes.

Tidbit from the movie. Wolfgang Peterson didn’t want to show Helen in the movie because he didn’t think anyone could live up to the audience’s expectations. His producers insisted so he chose an “unknown” for the same reason.

Cancerian lines:

“You challenged a famous warrior. That took courage.”

“I don’t want a hero. I want a man I can grow old with.”

“Before you came to Sparta, I was a ghost. I walked and I ate and I swam in the sea… I was just a ghost.”

Keyword Cancer qualities I love … sweet, kind, sympathetic, motherly, nurturing.

Keyword Cancer qualities I have trouble with … there’s more to life than home … and whining.

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