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Cancer – Cancer June 21-July 1 – 1st Cancer Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Moon-Moon

The Moon is both the ruler and Subruler, and so the Cancer-Cancer tends to be very receptive and sensitive to other people. With the Moon in Cancer-Cancer they always seem to be constantly churning inside. When we examine the power the Moon posses we begin to understand about the type of influence Cancer-Cancer are able to exert over others. Cancer-Cancer feelings tend to run in extremes. When they’re excited about something they seem to be running on a thousand rpm. Cancer-Cancer makes wonderful friends as long as they feel loyalty from those that they invite into their cozy, warm home.

Only those who live with Cancer-Cancer day in and day out are fully able to appreciate their depth and diversity. Part of the reason for the variety of their emotional palette is their sensitivity. Empathic, Cancer-Cancer quickly picks up on the feelings of others. In relationships, Cancer-Cancer looks for harmony and security. They dislike quarrels and dissension, and any kind of emotional disturbance leaves them upset. Those best suited for Cancer-Cancer would be someone to be counted upon to keep things in good working order and to provide comfort and security.

The most successful Cancer-Cancer are those who can put their fantasy to work in a constructive way and who can share their unique view of the world with others. Cancer-Cancer see deeply into human nature, and their sights and guidance are often sought after. They would make an excellent teacher or instructor. Cancer-Cancer prides themselves on doing their homework on given subjects and when their research is thorough it will yield positive results.

Erogenous Zone: Cancer-Cancer rules the stomach. They love to eat and to have their tummy touched, rubbed, stroked. The quickest way to a Cancer-Cancer heart is through the stomach. When visiting a Cancer-Cancer it’s best to bring chocolates.

Cancer-SCORPIO July 2-July 12 – 2nd Cancer Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Moon-Mars/Pluto

When you combine the churning influence of the Moon with the outward, aggressive drive of Mars, we find ourselves with a Cancer-Scorpio who will always make a huge splash. Some authorities believe Pluto to be a co-ruler of Scorpio; actually some astrologers take the position that Pluto is sole ruler of Scorpio. First of all, Pluto was only discovered in 1930. For thousands of years, astrology has done wonders understanding Scorpio via the planet Mars. Pluto impact on the personality of the individual is relatively weak and distracts observers from seeing the essence of their beat. That would be the active Mars aggression, the driving positive force inside the Cancer-Scorpio.

Cancer-Scorpio simply needs to trust in their positive potential. Their mysterious Moon changes, and gives some focus to that Mars drive, their sensitivity can only enhance their effectiveness. Scorpio’s are by nature planners and schemers. Most CancerS love to eat and this decan is no exception. What makes Cancer-Scorpio distinct is their love of lavish display of food. Cancer-Scorpio can appear quite normal, and may occupy ordinary positions in the working world, but they are irresistibly attracted to the unusual and the bizarre.

Cancer-Scorpio can be a great deal of fun for their close friends, who will find them sensitive, thoughtful and caring. Cancer-Scorpio share their lives best with others who also value privacy. In relationships Cancer-Scorpio are the opposite, sentimental, emotional, and sometimes possessive. Interactions with friends allow them the opportunity to share their wilder side and to act out some of their unconscious fantasies. Of all the CancerS, the Cancer-Scorpio is the most mystical and interested in things unseen. People are drawn to the Cancer-Scorpio sensitivity and often tell them their secrets.

Erogenous Zone: Cancer has dominion over the breast area and Scorpio rules the genitals. So the combination of Cancer-Scorpio is often known as a regular “T & A” crew. The Moon is constantly physically affecting the Cancer-Scorpio. Cancer-Scorpio tends to retain water, especially when the Moon is full. Any changes in the Moon puts them at their peak of sexual arousal.

Cancer-PISCES July 13-July 22 – 3rd Cancer Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Moon-Neptune

The spiritual planet Neptune is the Subruler, which joins forces with the Moon, ruler of Cancer, to accentuate an impressionable and romantic nature. Neptune, as the ruler of Pisces, brings to Cancer-Pisces an element of disguise. This planet of illusion combines with Cancer’s ruler, the Moon, and often produces a character that literally seems to change in front of others. Many Cancer-Pisces change their looks so frequently or their style of clothes on a regular basis. Cancer-Pisces adaptability to different kinds of people is one of their secrets of success. Cancer-Pisces know how to wait, watch and listen.

Whether at work or at home, Cancer-Pisces usually exerts a powerful force behind the scenes, or as team members. In relationships, they would sooner be alone than enter a dubious or unstable partnership. Cancer-Pisces beginning a relationship will be honest with the other person from the outset, rarely pretending to be something they are not. Cancer-Pisces often need to take part in activities and have an active hand in shaping and forming whatever is going on. The best suited for Cancer-Pisces would be a solid, practical partner, someone who lends structure and emotional stability.

Cancer-Pisces presence can bring a sparkle to the room; an evening spent with them can sometimes be like a ride to heaven. Cancer-Pisces have an open, receptive quality that is permanently endearing. The fact that they are so rarely the same makes them equally entertaining to have as friends and acquaintances. For a Cancer-Pisces, it is just as important for them to share the wealth. They are compassionate in the extreme and though they may not like to travel too far from home, they’ll go the distance for someone in need.

Erogenous Zone: Cancer-Pisces have sensitive feet. The erotic aspect of having their feet touched or nibbled is either a hidden or known favorite past time.

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