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Cancer December 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our December 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Cancer Zodiac Sign!

Cancer December Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Cancer, logical reasoning, the ability to think and act quickly and to be unbiased are key attributes in December 2016. You will not be drawn into emotional discussions but will take an impartial standpoint as you are very level-headed and informed by the bigger picture.

This mental clarity and perspective you have right now will help to bring a neat and sound resolution to matters of business and pleasure for the year end. The year end is set to be busy, exciting and filled with plans and optimism for the New Year. You are ending the year in an upbeat mood with a renewed sense of achievement and power stemming from your achievements this year.

December 2016 will be very busy for Cancer, and you must not overcommit ahead of time. The best December activities are the spontaneous ones which come about unexpectedly, so do not worry if your calendar looks a little bare, plenty will be cropping up.

December 2016 Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

While you are more than keen to verbalize thoughts and emotions helping the communication side of the relationship to flow, do make sure that you are a good listener as well and that you pay attention, not just lip service, to what is being said to you. Having said that, there are no serious relationship issues in December 2016, but it is always good to listen and take things on board, as you may come across as emotionally careless in December 2016, and you don’t want that.

Love and passion may be replaced by spontaneity and fire sexually speaking. You are highly excitable and full of fun right now; this lends itself towards parties and nights out rather than cozy cuddles around the fireplace.

December 2016 is not a month where you will feel in the mood to discuss deep or highly-charged issues, and you will bat away heavy subjects with wit and banter. You know how the song goes, “Next year all our troubles will be far away, so have you self a Merry little Christmas Day!” Problems are on hold in lieu of the Festive Season.

Single Cancerians are flirty and fabulous – you are probably more concerned about having a good time than anything more serious. Use this December 2016 to play the field to your heart’s content, and when January sets in, you can check out all those new Facebook friends and see who is worth seeing again romantically.

Cancer Career Horoscope December 2016

December 2016 is an excellent time for planning, negotiating and finalizing deals as long as you can listen to criticism and work with others. You are full of ideas and plans right now but can be rather self-righteous in your approach, which could be counterproductive. You are very good at seeing problems with the arguments and ideas of others; however, you can be a little blind towards potential problems with your own methods and ideas. The idea is not to be mentally arrogant right now, take a step back and do not let enthusiasm morph into bossiness.

You are very confident and buoyant right now, but the challenge is to communicate in the right way – pay attention to the way you come across and ensure that you are inclusive of others’ ideas and input. The pace in December 2016 is pretty hectic and so if you do read this before December, make sure that you do not overextend and take on too many commitments as you may end up cutting corners.

There may be some international business travel just before Christmas, which is another reason you need to get things organized early.

As long as you remain open to the thoughts and ideas of others, December 2016 can be an excellent time for businesses involving trade, law, education, publishing, promotional work, advertising and media.

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