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Cancer Dragon Personality

Not only does the Dragon Cancer possess the exquisite sensibility of the artist, your Dragon sign heritage gives you the work ethic to actually produce art on a regular basis!

Quality stuff, too — once your drive for success kicks in, you should tower head and shoulders over your more, let’s face it, pedestrian contemporaries. A Crablike introspection is your strong point, as much of your innate vibrancy is directed exclusively towards the goal of finding out what makes you tick.

You’re about as meek and mild as a Dragon ever gets, though, so capitalize on that fact in affairs of the heart.

Your sensitivity should go a long way towards establishing your sincerity to a prospective mate. Incidentally, “once and done” for you — you mate for life, and must needs therefore pick either a like-minded mate, or else a good lawyer for that inevitable midlife crisis.

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