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Cancer On Eight House Cusp

Cancer On Eight House Cusp

Cancer in 8th house – Cancer on the cusp of the eighth house

You likely seek power and/or influence through your ability to nurture and protect yourself and/or others emotionally. You likely strive to be supportive and nurturing to others emotionally as a point of power or dominance over them. People with strong 8th house elements usually need to be cautious of creating emotionalco-dependency patterns. You may find yourself in physical/sexual relationships which either boost or compromise your emotional well-being.

This is one of the areas that Cancer must be extremely careful of, for it is the house of psychic development. It is the house of Truth, metaphysics, astrology, and, of course, the psychic areas are again areas that Cancer cannot get too deeply involved with unless spiritually evolved. This is the one area of activity in which Cancer itself can become possessed by lower entities.

Cancer on the cusp of the eighth house can be overly enthusiastic about the phenomena aspect of life, very much attracted to the glamour aspect. Of course it is the eighth house which relates back to the statement in the Bible, “Seek ye the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” As the Cancer person learns to transmute his emotions to the level of compassion and understanding, he will free himself from the shackles of the phenomena aspect. This is also the house of regeneration, and it gives the Cancer person the ability to actually regenerate the emotions to the higher octave.

Since the eighth house is the house of higher values, the Cancer person must learn not to dabble in the Search for Truth, but to be sincerely involved.

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