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Cancer On Eleventh House Cusp

Cancer On Eleventh House Cusp

Cancer On Eleventh House Cusp

Cancer in the 11th house – Cancer on the cusp of the eleventh house

You look to your social circles – friends and acquaintances – for emotional nurturing, support and protection. You are sensitive to the emotions of others, and team/group/collaborative efforts may help you feel protected and nurtured through a sense that you each and all take care of each other as part of the larger whole.

However, beware of taking on the emotions of others as your own simply because you are part of the team. You may become dependent on the other team/group members to tell you how you should feel about things, denying your own emotional truth.

The eleventh house is a house of relationship, and since all of life is a matter of relationship, the responsibility of Cancer is to develop the proper relationships, first with self, then with others, and then with the world. Here again we are involved with the fifth house of creativity, and Cancer must be creative in relationships, not emotional, but creative and must develop these from the viewpoint again, of self-less service to others, not only in their social life, friends, but also with the world in general. Often Cancer people get so involved with others that they gather around themselves inferior types.

They get involved in much of the trivia of life, dealing with people’s everyday reactions and emotions. There is a need for rising above the merely emotional relationships to include a higher quality of emotion that embraces many people rather than just a few with whom the Cancer is comfortable. There is also a need for the mentally-oriented Aquarian qualities naturally associated with the eleventh house – in building constructive goals and desiring things that are truly desirable.

In the eleventh house, Cancer must remove himself from the sympathetic approach where people are concerned, especially with people in their relationships with life, and Cancer should not get involved with the problems of other people’s relationships from the sympathy level.

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