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Cancer On Fourth House Cusp

Cancer On Fourth House Cusp

Cancer On Fourth House Cusp

Cancer in 4th house – Cancer on the cusp of the fourth house

With Cancer On Fourth House Cusp the foundation of your personal-private persona and your life is your family and loved ones. They are everything to you emotionally, and you thrive on the nurturing and protection they provide you and that you can provide for them.

In fact, for many with this specific placement, you may be living in or very near the same town or home as your family, or you may be living in the same manner in which you grew up with your family simply because it is familiar – it is where or how you feel most comfortable, nurtured and at ease.

The fourth house is the natural rulership of Cancer and is involved with the home, the environment. This is the house in which we influence and affect others, where we can help others find meaning, direction, and purpose to life. The environment which the Cancer person carries around with him is his own particular auric field.

More than any other place or other location in the zodiac, the Cancer person in the fourth house must guard his feelings. His every feeling, every act, every thought impresses itself on the auric field, and thus, anyone who comes into the sphere of influence of the Cancer could be affected by the auric field, so there is a tremendous responsibility here for the Cancer to guard himself cautiously, so that he is not guilty of causing any negative reactions on the part of anyone who enters into the influence of the Cancer. The mothering or nurturing effect is involved here, and the Cancer person must not mother, because often mothering can be smothering.

When thinking of Cancer and the qualities of parenthood, we must remember that we procreate children of the body, but we are also the parent of children of the mind, children of the emotions, children of spirit, or children of a talent. So again parenthood and the responsibility of that parenthood are very much a part of the responsibility of Cancer on the cusp of the fourth house.

Until they transmute their own emotional qualities to a higher level they will not effectively be able to nurture the higher emotional expression in other people.

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