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Cancer Goat (Sheep) Personality

Some people are actually good with children, and the Goat Cancer is at the top of the list for this socially useful talent. Nor is working with them day in and day out good enough to suit you — you’ve got to go and fill your house with them!

Definitely the marrying kind, you are a kind, frail, loving person who needs extra-special care to spare your sensitive soul from the harsh realities of the world.

You seek a partner that can help you insulate the pair of you within a perfect Cancerian cocoon of home life.

Goat CancerYou don’t like to think about many of the more unpleasant aspects of today’s world — you operate under the vague assumption that they just won’t apply to you and yours if you work hard enough to make everything cozy and safe.

You may be right about this after all, so don’t let the Goat in you worry so much or you’ll be seeing dangers that aren’t there, and never have a moment’s peace.

You’re doing everything that’s humanly possible, and your family, natural or artificial, will respond with much reciprocated affection.

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