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Cancer Goddess

Cancer Astrological Goddess Power

The Cancer woman is sentimental indifference.

You are the soft sweet emotions of the Zodiac in its hard exterior shell.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Cancer dear, with the moon as your ruler, you possess a mysterious quality that confound and amuse mere men and turn a few of them into werewolves.

Your tender heart is sincere and loving and you can melt the heart of the man that you allow to finally get close to you. Your Crab shell is hard but for the right one, you soften with ease.

Such strong emotions, so genuine and true. Few have the ability to get in touch with their inner self as easily as you. Luckily for him, you can share when needed and retreat into your shell when necessary.

Modesty is a quality that is lost on many other signs of the Zodiac. You can teach a lesson or two to the show-all and show-some-more kind of girls. Your man loves that you show it only to him.

Your mysterious side ensures there is a private side to you too and men love that you are not a kiss and tell kind of woman.

You are an old fashion woman that must be courted and there are tons of old fashion men that love getting the opportunity to woe a woman rather than get run over by one.

You possess a sense of loyalty that few other signs share. Men trust you because they can and know that you are there for them as a lover and a friend.

Like the mama grizzly, you are fiercely protective of everyone you love. He just loves knowing that you care so much and will always have his back.

You may be an emotional wreck from time to time but you are never weak or pathetic. Men will always love that although they must endure your tears, you will always stand on your own two feet.

You really know how to put those emotions to good use when you hit the sheets. Your man is guaranteed some passionate play time more often than he dared to hope.

And Cancer dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Cancer Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your ability to create a spiritual home is your power source. We are only on this planet for a short time and while here, many run from place to place and person to person. This lack of grounding is many people’s undoing. While most all can establish a structural home, only Cancer can create the intangible stability of home in the heart.

Never underestimate this awesome power or your purpose on this volatile planet. Symbolically, you are the home (Crab shell) with the strong exterior and warm and safe interior. You have the ability to convey this same protection and comfort in the world and in your relationship. Connect to your true purpose and it will serve you well and enable the Goddess to emerge.

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