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Cancer Health

Cancer is the sign that nurtures the body that houses the spirit. The energies from the constellation of Cancer influence the breasts, chest, mammary glands, and stomach.

The Moon, working directly with the sign of Cancer, influences and regulates all fluids. Like the tides of the oceans flowing in and out from shore, our body fluids also ebb and flow. Every month, the phases of the Moon affect the rise and drop of fluids within our bodies. During the New Moon our fluids are at their lowest point, often resulting in weight loss. During the Full Moon body fluids are at their highest.

The affect of the lunar cycle on the body suggests the best time for elective surgery in order to minimize excessive swelling, hemorrhaging, or blood flow from wounds. Recent non-astrological studies have shown strong evidence of increased danger of hemorrhage when surgery is performed five days before, the day of, or five days after a Full Moon. Time Magazine reported on an analysis of Dr. Edison J. Andrews’ 1,000 tonsillectomy patients. Dr. Andrews’ case studies showed lower occurrences of hemorrhaging during the first and fourth quarters of the Moon.

Medical astrologers use the data of the Moon’s phases and the sign the Moon is in to determine not only the best timing for surgery, but also additional requirements the patient may need in terms of health, recuperation, and diet. Such things as vitamins and minerals (particularly riboflavin and potassium), weight gain and loss, drug-sensitivity, and the emotional requirements of a patient may change depending on the cycle of the Moon.

The Cancer Sign & the Body

The constellation of Cancer works with:
• all of the body’s containers — breasts, stomach, and womb (during pregnancy)
• the protective membranes (coverings) of the body — peritoneum (encompasses the abdominal cavity), pleural sac (thoracic cavity), pericardium (surrounds the heart), and meninges (covers the brain and spinal cord)
• posterior pituitary gland where many hormonal functions take place
• ribs, sternum, and diaphragm

The Moon, one of the rulers of Cancer, represents health and works with:
• limbic system (emotions and their role in maintaining health)
• fluids of the body
• mucous surfaces and serous membranes
• menstrual cycle
• fertility

Homeopathics, herbs, and Bach Flower Remedy specifically for Cancer (person and time of year):
• The cell salt for Cancer is Calcium Fluoride. Calcium Fluoride is an important constituent of all connective tissues, such as bones, teeth, and fingernails. The brain and spinal cord also have a spider-web membrane called the Arachnoid, and Calcium Fluoride is a constituent of this membrane. Calcium Fluoride is the elasticity cell salt; it maintains elasticity in the connective tissue.
• The herbs for Cancer include: arrowroot to calm the stomach; balm for the reproductive system, infertility, and irregular menses;agrimony for diarrhea; bilberry which helps counteract water retention; caraway is useful for nursing mothers; cloves help to clear stomach gas; mustard helps prevent indigestion.
• The Bach Flower Remedy for Cancer is clematis.

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