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Is Cancer Manipulative? - Cancer Manipulation Potential

Cancer Manipulation Potential

The Cancer sign of the Zodiac represents a sensitive and emotion person. These people are clearly in tune with their inner selves, consistently able to analyze their minds efficiently in time.

Some of their characteristics include being kind, helpful, loyal, and protective. Family is their main priority, and they see work as a means to gain that sense of responsibility to ultimately support their families. However, their weakness would include the sense that they are truly open to helping people. In addition, people can thus easily take advantage of these folks. The fact that these fellow individuals are loyal and dependent could be manipulated by people such as biases at work.

A fellow Cancer individual could essentially be manipulated through being overly moody and over sensitive. They can be handed an overload of work that would seem unmanageable to complete efficiently.

Thus, at work, Cancer people need to guard themselves, emotionally speaking. They tend to be very vulnerable when dealing with people. They have a moody temperament, able to drastically alter their overall feelings about things.

In addition, they need to take time out so as to not overly please people that cross their paths in life.

People can generally manipulate these Cancers overall life potentials by behaving in a way that minimizes their success. A fellow Cancer individual needs to gain self confidence. This will enhance their strength and power.

One could even say that their temperaments are seen as fragile. Anyone can basically take advantage of these folks, because they are also truly vulnerable and gullible. In essence, these people are easily persuaded. Anyone can tell them something and the Cancer people would find it in their heart to please the former and ultimately accept false statements. This is because the Cancer people generally feel the need to be appreciated and involved.

They like the idea of fitting in and belonging. Therefore, they will look at people with a kind sense if self and try to make things work. However, this could be in detriment to their overall potentialities. People around them would be inclined to manipulate their personalities and overall beings. They would be wise to find an outlet where their energy can be released positively, with people who care for them on a sensitive and loving level.

A fellow Cancer individual will need to adapt to their work environments in time. Their main focuses are geared towards supporting and taking care of their families anyhow. Thus, they will gradually have to learn to get accustomed to take work as a job and not so idealistically. A job should not ultimately define them, but provide them with knowledge, growth, and some satisfaction. Then, they will essentially be able to positively give all of their energies to their families while maintaining a professional aura at work.

These people are gentle and inspiring, and if they use their minds wisely, they can fulfill their true meant potentials without employers of bosses manipulating their capabilities in life.

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