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Cancer May 2016 Horoscope


Welcome to our May 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Cancer Zodiac Sign!

Cancer May Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Relationships are in focus in May 2016, and this is a great time for building bridges and creating new alliances. You should improve communication in all your every day and intimate relationships – sometimes communicating about the smaller things can actually make understanding the bigger issues easier, so do not underestimate the power of small talk.

This is a very positive month for students who are studying scientific and mathematical subjects. The theme in May 2016 is being malleable and adjusting to others. You must strike a balance between being a people pleaser and totally relegating your own needs to second rung. There is give and take – you may err on the side of giving, so be sure that you do not waste energy on those who are not worthy.

Laziness is a big issue at the end of the month – you may have some events to attend where you may be tempted to over indulge. Self-control is a big problem and so do attend to the most important matters early on in the month to get them out of the way.

Watch your intake of alcohol and junk food in May 2016 as high blood sugar could add significantly to your stress level and cause you to have mood swings.

May 2016 Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Love and harmony are very important to you in May 2016, and you will go the extra mile to ensure that things run smoothly in all your relationships. You should be careful not to give too much ground, as often if you are too accommodating people can take advantage. Be fair, but you must still be firm, do not be a soft touch.

Goodwill and a forgiving attitude ensure that you spread happiness – you are not in the mood to hold grudges, you will set your own pride aside in the interests of harmony and peace.

Writing poetry or songs can be a wonderful way to express issues of the heart in May. You have a strong need to verbalize your love emotions and communicate them. It’s a month to let everyone you know how much they mean to you and why. Never underestimate how much people appreciate being appreciated. Be generous in giving compliments and encouragement to those you love, and you will be amazed at the response.

Jealousy is one small drawback in May 2016, and you may have to deal with the green-eyed monster on some level. Remember that jealousy is always a snake in the grass and is usually the result of an over-active imagination and a lack of confidence. Jealousy is always about you, not the other person, and so deal with the issues at the heart of that jealousy.

Cancer Career Horoscope May 2016

After 22nd you will be very busy negotiating and persuading. If you work in the media, hospitality, sales or any connected industry this should be higher productive.

It is important to complete on contracts and conclude negotiations after the 22nd because when Mercury is retrograde understandings will break down, and agreement will be harder to reach.

Diplomacy is very important right now; it is what you say and how you say it. Do not be blunt and be as inclusive as you can when you are busy with teamwork; do not leave anyone out of the loop.

Decisions you take in business may be highly influenced by your unconscious – so even if you think you are being rational and very logical, you may not be. Do take any advice or criticism seriously.

Be wary of those who may seek to undermine you or act without your knowledge for an unfair advantage – “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is the advice. Do not be complacent about those you compete with – watch their actions closely.

A very good month for professional sportspeople.

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