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Cancer Monkey Personality

No monkey business here — the Monkey Cancer is a human computer. Your vast array of mental skills include a memory retention rate (inherited from your Crab side) that is quite dizzying and is best used to its full potential in arbitrage or actuarial positions, rather than to impress new faces at cocktail parties with endless streams of fascinating and useless trivia.

Chess is far and away your favorite game.

You have a preternatural talent for the manipulation of numbers (born of your Monkey’s facility with games), and any sort of trick or puzzle that can be solved with a pen is open season for you, including crossword puzzles.

Monkey CancerIf all of the above makes it sound like you don’t get out much, it’s because you don’t.

Fun for you begins and ends in the safe confines of your home, where you can control access to yourself and your precious allotments of quality time.

You’re smart enough to know not to squander yourself on incidentals.

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