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Cancer Moon Sign Food Profile

Cancer Moon Sign Food Profile

If Cancer is the Moon sign for you or someone you care for, here are some observations to help you understand the food patterns typical of this sign and, if need be, to modify or optimize them. If these descriptions don’t seem to fit, the answer may be in aspects (angles) other planets form to the Moon in the birth chart. For more details on aspects, see the explanation at the end of this article.


The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so food and other forms of nurturance are primary concerns and motivations of this sign. Like the waxing and waning phases of the Moon, Moon Children of all three sorts — Sun, Moon and Rising — can fluctuate in weight. These women may overeat in response to their monthly cycle and to shifts in hormone levels that occur in the early teens, during pregnancy and at menopause.

Emotional eating when upset or stressed-out is a common pattern for both men and women of this Moon sign. In traditional Astrology, Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts. Surprisingly, there are two predominant physical types among natives of this sign — very thin and not well-endowed on the one hand or zaftig and well-endowed on the other. For the very thin type, an almost anorexic aversion to food is the pattern, rather than the overdependence on it described here.


The Moon sign describes some of the character traits of your mother or other women who took care of you as a child. In particular, it spells out food habits and tastes learned at the family table growing up that may either help or hinder in the perennial search for fitness. Though Mom was important to all of us, she was preeminent in the lives of Cancer Moons, whether the relationship was wonderful or simply awful. Cancerians tend to be either the oldest child or the baby of the family. In either case, there is a phase when Mom focuses much of her attention on that child. Much interaction centered around food, including the anxiety of a first-time mother about whether her baby was eating enough.

For Cancer Moons, cooking and eating was a primary family activity, and even now family get-togethers may be times when food is plentiful to excess. In order to please Mom, and in order to be like her, Cancer Moons can be rather obsessed with cooking and eating and are likely to be superb cooks. In consequence, keeping your weight under control may be a lifelong struggle.


Unless other chart aspects predominate, Cancerians, especially Cancer Moons, are extremely emotional, and you often eat to keep emotions from overwhelming you. Overeating can be a primary defense mechanism, so it is of great importance to find other outlets and coping tools, lest it become a serious problem.

Another major pattern is to eat when feeling deprived or overtaxed by taking care of others’ needs, so learn some loving ways to nurture yourself like those below. Finally, you can often feel insecure, especially when your roots and home life are in flux, as they so often are in our modern world. In those instances, food can become a kind of security blanket, so there is a need to deal with the feeling of insecurity more consciously and to find other comforts.


Like your water sign siblings, Scorpio and Pisces, you can find immersion in water quite soothing. Indulge in a long bath with fragrant soaps or oils and thick, thirsty towels. Drink plenty of pleasurable fluids like fruit juice or spicy teas, since Cancerians sometimes eat when they are merely thirsty. Find a place where you can swim year-round, for the flowing, rhythmic activity can help you work off jangled emotions and get centered again.

It can be very helpful for Moon Children like yourselves to follow the Moon in its monthly path around the Zodiac. Keep a notebook or journal and observe how you react to various Moon signs and Moon phases. Capitalize on the signs that suit you best, scheduling important activities when you are stronger and leaving your schedule lighter during Moon signs and phases that are harder for you.

Finally, many Cancerians have a strong sense of family history and traditions and grieve when these roots are lost. Though it may seem odd to a Westerner, one practice common in various religions around the world is to feed the ancestors, leaving small food offerings on an altar or meditation table where you remember family members who have passed on. Making your own altar with family photos and mementos and creating your own personal rituals of communing with those who have passed on may fulfill an emptiness that mere food cannot. Less formally, you may find periodically spending an evening putting together a photo album and taking care of heirlooms and souvenirs deeply satisfying.

DISCLAIMER: This material is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat specific difficulties or needs in the area of nutrition, digestion, or health. For any severe or persistent difficulties or to remedy an eating disorder, consult a qualified health care professional.

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