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Cancer On Ninth House Cusp

Cancer On Ninth House Cusp

Cancer in the 9th house – Cancer on the cusp of the ninth house

With Cancer On Ninth House Cusp you likely find emotional nurturing and protection in or through your philosophical and/or spiritual beliefs. This is an interesting position for Cancer, as you may take on roles that have you acting as both teacher and parent.

You may find others have an affinity for you as an authority figure who has a strong nurturing or protective way about them and who are supportive and encouraging of their finding or creating your own way through life. You will also appreciate those who are mentors and teachers to you who support you emotionally and give you the freedom to experience life and discover your emotional truth in your own way.

With Cancer in the 9th house we are dealing with the higher mind, the higher self, philosophy, psychology, religion, and here again when it comes to acquiring knowledge, it must not be done with a fervid enthusiasm, but a calm approach, a search for knowledge objectively; its understanding, its application to life. The Cancer nature tends to enfold, but on the ninth house, the necessity here is to unfold by direct reaction to the third house of communication, which can be done either in an oral fashion or in a written fashion.

There could be a tendency on the part of the Cancer on the cusp of the ninth house to be a little bit more self-centered. Normally, Cancer is very outgoing, but in this particular location there could be a withdrawal, and this relates again to the fourth house where Cancer rules the fourth house, implying that soul powers developed in the past caused the person to retreat, to withdraw from life. Now, of course, being on the cusp of the ninth house, it is the outgoing quality that should be stressed.

Where the Cancer is concerned, its position here should not be that of an emotional faith. Of course, to know God exists, you must feel God exists. But the emotional aspect should be actually based more on a reasonable approach.

Compassion and the understanding that Cancer should be involved with should also demonstrate itself in allowing others to think for themselves, to give them the freedom to think, to be and to become, and not confined to self.

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