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Cancer October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Cancer Zodiac Sign!

Cancer October Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Cancer, work and family life are in conflict in October 2016 – events in one will directly impact the other. Your family may be thrust into the limelight because of the work you are doing. It is possible that you may have to move temporarily and work away from your family due to a short-term contract. You may decide to remortgage your home in order to invest in your business.

You may decide to quit your current job so that you can start a new career working at home to be with your family, or you may after having been on maternity leave decide not to return to work or at least to the same kind of work.

For Cancer October 2016 is a month of new starts or rather the beginnings of new starts, especially in the affairs that connect home and family.

Bone health and teeth are important in October 2016 – think about your calcium intake and even get your bone density checked out. Do not neglect your dental check-up. Be cautious during any extreme sports and with exercise, build up slowly and do not push your body to extremes.

Your energy will be lower in October 2016, and it will at times take effort to keep positive and motivated – which is why fresh air, exercise and fresh food is important. Eating fast food and sugar treats which give you an instant boost will only drain you further in the long term.

October 2016 Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

There is a great burst of sexual energy mid-month, and your libido will be high. However, you cannot have your cake and eat it – getting the sexual gratification you desire will come with an onus to prove your commitment. If you are in a casual relationship and are expecting friends with benefits scenarios, think again as the other person wants more from you than a hot, passionate night. In marriages, you should ensure that you build up to the sex or else you could be faced with retorts of, “What’s come over you all of a sudden?” or “Only when it suits you huh?”

Great sex is terrific, but in October 2016 there are strings attached: emotional strings, and to have everything flowing in the bedroom as it should, you will have to spend some time listening to how you partner feels about the give and take and relative fairness in the relationship.

Some of Cancers who are single may look for a one night stand experience to quench your appetite or even an office fling – but I warn against these as your judgment in who you pick will be poor, and there will be unpleasant consequences and a bad taste left in your mouth.

The best place for great sex in October 2016 is with your regular partner, but it must be approached carefully and patiently and his/her satisfaction must not come across as a mere afterthought.

Cancer Career Horoscope October 2016

You are keenly aware in October 2016, and your hunches and aptitude for sensing danger can come in very handy. You have the ability to act decisively on a matter in secret – in other words, you may be forced to decide on something, and you make deem it best to make that decision alone, without bringing others into the picture. You may take this course as you detect insincerity or mixed motives in others and cannot trust them enough to consider their opinions.

Hard work, imagination and consistent effort can help you outmaneuver opponents and obstacles in October 2016. You are not geared for group work and team playing right now – you can achieve more by working alone and if you have a choice that is what you should do.

This is a very productive month for chemists and biologists – probably because in these careers you work alone, in a highly-skilled manner where concentration is required as well as attention to detail, all of which is favoured in October 2016.

Dancers, divers, swimmers and models or any other career where one utilizes the body in a creative, artistic manner which requires strength, poise and timing are assured of success and good reactions for their work.

For creative and artistic Cancers October 2016 is very inspired, but you must be able to translate what you imagine into concrete form using a very logical and down to earth approach – do not get carried away with concepts that are so out there that they are impossible to ground in a meaningful way.

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