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Cancer Ox Personality

A charmed sign, as an inhabitant of the Ox Cancer combination you are emotion in motion personified.

You are purposeful (although your detractors might say “stubborn”) as the Ox, and supersensitive (although your detractors might say “hypersensitive”) as the Crab — you know how to achieve that which you feel to be right, without wasting too much time and effort thinking about the results of your manic drive or questioning the worth of your goals.

Ox CancerEverything else comes second, including the relationship. If they’re not there to boost your ego or buffer you against the impact of the crowd, then they are of no use to you and must be discarded.

A definitely cold customers, you have a nasty habit of taking your lovers for granted and keeping them in isolation while you set out to conquer the known world.

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