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Cancer Pig (Boar) Personality

The Pig Cancer is so happy all of the time that every other DoubleSign envies you, without giving you the satisfaction of telling you so to your face.

The smallest things will keep you glowing throughout the day — especially children, and the more the merrier.

Your house resounds with the pitter-patter of little feet, which, as your inner Crab has gleefully accepted, is the inevitable result of an unquenchable Porcine thirst for the pleasures of the honeymoon suite.

Pig CancerYou may be content with letting everyone else score their successes while you waver in the wings, but don’t let it keep you too far in the margin — you need a thing or two to point to and say, “I did this. That’s all mine. Nobody else can claim it.” When you’ve got that one thing, the rest will cease to trouble you.

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