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Cancer Rat Personality

The product of two intensely cerebral signs, a Rat Cancer‘s personality is a private one. Nothing is more attractive for you than to curl up in a safe haven and navel-gaze for prolonged periods.

Intellectual and emotional, you are a superb creator and make an ideal storyteller, whether professional or otherwise, thanks to your Cancer inheritance. In love you can be a mixed blessing.

There may be no other rival, but your habit of deep introspection may prove to be equally as intrusive and twice as trying — after all, how can one name sheer ego as a co-respondent?

Rat CancerAnd yet you exude a Rat’s warmth, kindness and understanding, so much so in fact that one hesitates to let you go.

One interesting side note concerns your concomitant fondness for fairness, equality and justice, both in the law courts and in the bedrooms. If they don’t play it fair and square with you, they might as well pick up their ball and go home!

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