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Cancer Rooster Personality

The Rooster Cancer means well, but when you attempt to communicate your feelings you have a tendency to leave the “well” by the wayside and come across as just plain mean.

Your abrasive Rooster’s tongue has a smooth side, too, and can be used to sandpaper over any flaws that may arise in the surface of your domestic relationships.

You are house-proud to a fault, but you don’t think so, since it’s obvious to you that, as a Gemini, you have no faults at all.

Be sure to allow equal time for opposing views, and stop treating every independent opinion around you as a species of personal treason.

Your housemates will thank you for it, just as they thank you for picking up after them constantly.

You are powerless to control your insistence on a clean and tidy environment — ever consider a career in medicine?

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