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Cancer On Second House Cusp

Cancer On Second House Cusp

Cancer On Second House Cusp

Cancer in 2nd house – Cancer on the cusp of the second house

Your emotions play a significant role in your obtaining or generating the financial-material-physical resources to meet your basic survival needs. Your family or your childhood surroundings may have a major influence in your feelings about money and material possessions.

The lifestyle you strive to create for yourself is likely to be the result of impressions made upon you in your youth, especially the impressions made upon you by the feminine or maternal influences in your life.

With Cancer in 2nd house we are involved with the concept of values and self-awareness. The Cancer person must see the value of his own awareness from the viewpoint of self-control and the wise use of emotions. In many ways, by reaction to the eighth house, this is an opportunity to regenerate the emotions to the higher octave.

How does the Cancer value self in relationship to life? What kind of an image does he have of himself? Is it as an emotional individual or as a person of compassion and understanding, with the knowledge of the Cosmic as a basis for his expression in life?

The possessive characteristic of Cancer is further enhanced by the possessive quality of the second house. Cancer people tend to possess people, even more so than things. The lesson of Cancer on the cusp of the second house is to teach people to depend upon their own resources, to create independence instead of dependency.

Often Cancer people become possessed by their possessions or by people they have collected and it becomes necessary for them to relinquish these for their own growth. They also can collect qualities of being that they feel are valuable but are not really integrated into their own personality. They need to integrate those that are valuable and let loose of those which are merely for show. In other words, one of the lessons of Cancer in the second house is learning to “let go.”

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