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Cancer September 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our September 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Cancer Zodiac Sign!

Cancer September Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Cancer, disruption and general disorganization within your home can cause stress in September 2016. Things will tend to break down and go wrong, and so make sure your household insurance is up to date and check your cover.

Issues to do with your parents may crop up unexpectedly and cause you some anxiety. Something unpleasant from the past may surface and have to be dealt with again. I think it is safe to say that all families have their share of secrets or even skeletons in the closet, and this is a month when those issues will resurface. It is best to deal with things calmly – so do not freak out, it is not as bad as it seems and can be remedied with some common sense. It is best in September 2016 to keep certain things to yourself or between you and your close family – resist the temptation to chat about personal issues to those you do not know well. Trust sparingly!

In September 2016 home life will be rather hectic, even more so if you work from home. If you can plan ahead, do not leave yourself too many deadlines to meet in September as you will have less time than you anticipate. You may begin to think about moving home or making some changes to your home to make life easier.

September 2016 is not a good month to close a real estate deal. If you are looking for property, it may be wise to rent until you are sure of what is right for you in terms of size and location.

September 2016 Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Cancer, in September 2016 communicating with your partner about issues to do with your home and your respective families is very important. Make sure that you are listening to each other and actually exchanging thoughts not just empty words. Do not put anything off, speak up now. We all tend to put off what we fear talking about, but events in September 2016 will force the issue.

You may experience some disharmony at home due to strong conflicts of viewpoints with either your children, parents or parents-in-law – some of these viewpoints may relate to fundamental issues and may thus be hard to shrug off. You will have to seek middle ground, which may not happen overnight.

Your partner may be very strong-willed and hard to handle in September 2016, and he/she may overreact to certain situations more so than usual. You need to be calm and not let his/her state make you anxious or upset – you must disconnect from the negativity your partner is emitting right now. His/her problems are not your own – be supportive and do not try and tell him/her what to do as this will result in arguments.

Cancer Career Horoscope September 2016

September 2016 is a really good month for psychologists, lawyers, judges and business Cancer people as a keen insight into others can help you make very good decisions, with one note of caution that you should not become too paranoid about the motivations of those you do business with.

You must learn to delegate and share responsibility, a tendency to dominate can alienate those you work with, and so you need to make a conscious effort to take the views of others on board and trust in the ability of those under you to deliver. Try not to watch over everyone’s shoulder like you are an overbearing mother.

You are very sharp mentally and can excel at work requiring detail and intense concentration and analysis. You are inclined not to mince words and to tell it like it is – be careful as this may not go down well and may be counterproductive.

Dealing with others i.e. opponents in legal battles, those you have contractual obligations with and those you have business disputes with can be very draining and intense in September 2016 – you need to be very thorough and patient and cannot expect quick or easy resolutions. Plan in detail for arguments you put forward.

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