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Cancer On Sixth House Cusp

Cancer On Sixth House Cusp

Cancer in 6th house – Cancer on the cusp of the sixth house

With Cancer On Sixth House Cusp your everyday activities (work, service) focus on emotional nostalgia. You may find yourself constantly striving to sustain or reclaim your youth through various health and wellness practices. Your day-to-day life may be very reminiscent of the environment or patterns and practices of your childhood or past.

In fact, you may be going about your daily routine in the same manner in which you did when you were younger, or in the same way your female role model(s) did. You do it this way simply because it is familiar – it is how you feel most comfortable, nurtured and at ease.

On Sixth House we are involved here with the public and the Moon rules Cancer, and the Moon rules the public. So in this particular location of Cancer, the Cancer person should always be involved in some service aspect, dealing with the betterment of mankind. They make the best nurses but must learn to be more objective in work and not be involved in the patient’s problems or illnesses. Here again, the compassion and understanding enters into the picture with the realization of the experience the person is going through, even in an illness itself.

In this location, it is directly opposite the twelfth house of compassion and understanding, so the Cancer on the cusp of the sixth house can find balance through the twelfth house. It should be compassionate service and not emotional service. There is a need for discrimination in service to others in not becoming emotionally indiscriminate.

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