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Cancer Spiritual Meaning

Cancer Spiritual Meaning

Your Cancer spirit is all that is compassionate, nurturing and unconditional love. You are empathy and intuition geared at providing the emotional stability to those in your life so that they can move into the world empowered and secure. Your energy is fluid, feeling based and receptive.

Cancer, being true to yourself means learning to nurture your needs with the same strength you nurture others with. It means understanding the depth of the emotions while learning the stability of the mind .

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…love freely without conditions. Invent your own tradition and share it with someone. Create your true home within yourself and decorate it to suite your soul.

Learn to recognize all the disguises of love….you’ll then see it on the faces of those you care about when they’ve wounded your spirit. Guide your intuitions towards your mind…and then believe in them. Regale in your ability to ‘feel’ the world.

Lie under the stars on a moon lit night. Create an outlet for your moods….write them down, paint them, explore them, turn them into something structured and outside yourself. Dissect a dream and then release it. Believe in unconditional love…for you are precisely that. Give yourself what you want from others. Learn self love and then do it.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

Being emotionally driven you are at the whim of what you pick up from the people in your life and the environment around you. Trying to maintain a stable outer world seldom works for long simply because our world cannot grow in languid and utterly serene conditions. Yet stability and security are undeniable rights given to each one of us…….their source is…within.

Love yourself. Don’t wait for those who’ve you’ve given your encompassing and unconditional love to provide what you need. Begin now….begin seeing yourself for who you are, a glorious, empathic being who is capable of nurturing and nourishing, of protecting and embracing people you care about on a level most never reach.

Stop despairing about the fluctuations of your moods and feelings and begin embracing them. You are in tune with the ever changing current of life…you reflect what we are feeling. See that as the sparkling gift that it is.

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