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Cancer Tattoo Designs Ideas

Cancer Tattoo Designs Ideas

Cancer is a cardinal water sign represented by the crab. Cancers are known as the most nurturing and sensitive people you’ll come across. They value home, family, and love more than anything and are easily hurt if they feel like things are going wrong in any of these aspects.

Cancer Tattoo Great Ink Choices for Zodiac Tattoos

Cancer tattoos are really good looking and also have variations.

The zodiac sign Cancer, which is the fourth of the twelve astrological signs has the Cancer constellation as its main counterpart. Cancer is predominantly represented by a crab, however foremost version of the Cancer zodiac sign was characterized by a crayfish. A significant Cancer tattoo is based on its glyph that looks like two letter “b” written in lower-case or the number “6”, wherein one is above the other facing reverse directions. Cancer tattoos are always good looking and attractive.

So, where do you start your Cancer tattoo design that will let you associate your outstanding characteristics as a Cancer?

You can begin your Cancer tattoo styling by initially comprehending the Cancer zodiac sign’s connotation in your life including all the other aspects you deem significant to be included in your Cancer tattoo design. You can also ask yourself first for making Cancer tattoo if you are fully equipped with all the important details of a crab since it is the main emblem of Cancer.

Crabs live in various bodies of water, one of which is the vast ocean shore. Since Cancer is a water element, you can swim into pool of ideas that explore the complexity of how Crabs survive despite of all the adversity then you can imagine a Cancer tattoo design. The crab’s outer shell is formed through a diverse process that includes the constant change in the environment they live and the temperature they handle. Any part of your body can be a great place for a Cancer tattoo as it can be a powerful indication of your firm shield against any impediments that will come in your life.

Crabs are capable of gripping on things tightly through the use of their claws that show their faithful and loyal nature. Furthermore, their claws indicate that Cancers tend to live in the past and they can’t easily move on from their previous experiences.

Positive characteristics of a Cancer on the other hand include their selfless consideration for their loved ones by protecting them from any quandaries. The claws of the crabs can be a dominant feature in your tattoo, which fearlessly represent your combatant character. Also there are some specific designs on cancer tattoos like: cancer ribbon tattoos, breast cancer tattoos, cancer survivor tattoos etc.

If you carry the Cancer zodiac sign, you are born as a fighter. Your basic calling of defending yourself and your loved ones can be creatively expressed through a Cancer tattoo.

More Cancer Tattoo Designs

A Cancer would be likely to get a tattoo that represents everything theyve gone through in relationships. Since they put themselves out there a lot and are often hurt, they would like a tattoo that represents what theyve overcome. They are likely to get a tattoo that represents their emotional healing, for instance a wilted rose, or broken heart with angel wings around it to represent both the pain of their past and their current healing. They could get four teardrops, with the last tear in the shape of a heart. This yet again represents what they have overcome in the name of love. Four tear drops because they are the fourth sign in astrology and thus four is their lucky number.

A Cancer happily in committed relationship would be likely to get a quote from their vows, a promise to a loved one, or their lover’s name tattooed on their arm or above their heart.

The color associated with this sign is silver, thus using silver ink can be used to pen the words they inscribe on their body.

Another option is two hands being held together tatted on their back to represent the Cancer holding hands with his or her partner. This might seem sappy to some signs but nothing makes a Cancer feel more at peace than a reminder of their connection with a loved one.

The infinity symbol with the first few letters of their name and the last few letters of their partners name can be tatted on their rib. This shows their desire for undying love and the strong connection they have for their partner.

Besides lovers, family plays a huge role in their lives. The names or initials of parents, children and even grandparents can be kept alive by the sensitive Cancer through a tattoo.

Cancers are ruled by the moon; a full moon, a half moon or crescent around the loved ones name will make the tattoo all the more beautiful.

Pearl is the gemstone for this sign; a design of pears around any tattoo will further this affect.

Cancers are represented by the crab, a simple crab or crab shell which defines their sign and the fact that they have their own “shell” like world they often withdraw to when upset. Other sea animals can be used in place of the crab, for instance, starfish, or even the sea itself. An island with a crab on it sketched across one’s back to show the element of water, the symbol crab, as well as to represent how alone Cancer’s feel when they are hurt or unloved.

Whatever a Cancer decides to get, one thing is for sure, it will be based on those they have loved, and the experiences they have gone through.

Why wait, get a Cancer tattoo now!

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