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Cancer On Tenth House Cusp (the Midheaven)

Cancer On Tenth House Cusp (the Midheaven)

Cancer On Tenth House Cusp (the Midheaven)

Cancer in 10th house – Cancer on the cusp of the tenth house

Your public identity is rooted in your ability to maintain or sustain your sense that you are emotional cared for and protected. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your childhood or childhood activities and associations likely define you in the public and professional arena of your life.

It is not uncommon for people with this placement to stay in the same career or professional field from their young adulthood throughout the course of their lives, more out of comfort and familiarity than for any other reason.

The tenth house is the house where we contribute to life. With Cancer in rhe 10th house Cancer’s contribution should be in helping people to raise their consciousness beyond the common concepts of emotionalism where life is concerned, and by direct reaction to the fourth house, helping others find meaning and direction to life but from a detached viewpoint rather than an emotional involvement.

Again because of the Capricorn influence, we are concerned with the quality of Cancer of wanting to be loved and to love. The need for prestige and recognition are further emphasized here, not only because of the basic characteristics of Cancer, but also because of the influence of Capricorn.

In the conflict with Cancer and the effect of Capricorn, Capricorn wishes to achieve; however, Cancer does not always feel comfortable with achievement unless it is within the feeling nature of Cancer.

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