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Cancer On Third House Cusp

Cancer On Third House Cusp

Cancer On Third House Cusp

Cancer in 3rd house – Cancer on the cusp of the third house

You tend to intellectualize or rationalize your emotions, making it difficult for you to express yourself in a purely or traditionally emotional way. Your emotions and your feelings about yourself often appear through the choices you make, especially in regard to educating yourself and in communicating with others.

You usually won’t engage intellectually or exchange information with anyone if you don’t feel nurtured or cared for by them. You may have an affinity for authority figures who have a strong nurturing or protective way about them and who are supportive and encouraging of your finding or creating your own way through life.

With Cancer in thr 3rd house we are dealing with self-identification and communication. We are dealing with brothers and sisters. Really on this level, we are dealing with the brotherhood of man. What is the relationship of Cancer when it comes to mankind? How does he relate to his fellow man? Does he tend too often to be too sympathetic, too concerned with the underdog, which is a problem for the Cancer person?

Cancer must learn to communicate more objectively and, in any given situation, instead of getting involved in the situation itself, must learn to stand aside and view more objectively a crisis, a failure, a circumstance in life that is negative. Be objective, find the solution, do not emote in a negative fashion. Learn to communicate from the viewpoint of a metaphysical statement by being more calmly active, and active calmly.”

The third house is the house of self-identification and also the house of knowledge. The Cancer person must visualize himself as a person who can communicate knowledge to others – coming out of the darkness of Egypt, in other words. But, too often, the emotional bias of Cancer establishes or sets up these blocks or limitations – self-limitations when it comes to acquiring knowledge and when it comes to communicating. The Cancer person would be the first one to go to pieces if he had to get up before an audience, to recite, to lecture, or to explain a given point of information.

Any decision on the part of Cancer when the third house is involved must be done from the viewpoint of reflection, thoughtfulness, not immediate reaction.

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