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Cancer On Twelfth House Cusp

Cancer On Twelfth House Cusp

Cancer On Twelfth House Cusp

Cancer in 12th house – Cancer on the cusp of the twelfth house

Compassionate and sensitive to the emotions of other people and creatures, you can easily give up your own emotional needs for those of others. But unless you are truly and genuinely inspired in giving to others, you may eventually be worn down by others’ inability to care for themselves.

It would not be surprising for you to suddenly withdraw your emotional generosity when you feel your emotional support is being taken advantage of or not being utilized well or properly. Be aware of your inclination to martyr yourself emotionally to others in the belief (or hope) that doing so will earn you the unconditional love you seek from them.

Since we are concerned with the karmic responsibility of Cancer to transmute the emotions from the basic emotions to that of compassion and understanding, this would be the best location for the sign of Cancer. The twelfth house is the house of karma.

From the viewpoint of transmuting the emotions, the twelfth house affairs grant to the Cancer sign the opportunity of so accomplishing this, for it is the house of compassion and understanding. In many ways, since Cancer tends to deal mainly with the everyday, nitty-gritty things of life, perhaps too often concerned with the pettiness of life, that the twelfth house would offer the opportunity of getting involved with the universal principles, because it is the house of Universality.

In this particular location of Cancer, the feeling of at-one-ment can be achieved by the Cancer sign, this feeling of being the true microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm, being at-one with the Cosmos. The final fulfillment will be letting go of emotional structure.

The twelfth house does deal primarily with the soul and karma. It is through achieving true spirituality, soul development, and a soul personality that Cancer can have an unselfish regard for others, and this will bring great rewards to the Cancer sign on the cusp of the twelfth house. Emotions must be transmuted to unselfish love, used in altruistic service to others; thus the soul will evolve and be able to speak on an intuitive level, and through this, Cancer can achieve a tremendous spiritual initiation.

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