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Capricorn April 2015 Horoscope

This month begins with the Sun and Uranus occupying your solar fourth house, with the emphasis on home, family and domestic concerns. You may look forward to spending time at home, doing quiet activities, or working on a creative project. Your home base is surrounded this month with a lot of harmony.

Social activities could increase but most of them probably will take place at your own home. It seems that attending to family matters will be high on your agenda for this month, especially until the 20th.

After that Sun moves on to next sign, and your solar fifth house of pleasurable pursuits, artistic and creative interests, romance and children. It will usher in a period of enjoyment and fun activities with loved ones.

With Mars moving forward in your fifth house as well, you will find your creativity flowing quite freely. The association of planets with this house shows a great expenditure of energies pursuing the pleasures of life, including romances. Besides, for many of you great deal of activities and much of energy may be related to children.

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