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Capricorn April 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our April 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Capricorn Zodiac Sign!

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

You may feel the need to put on a brave front in April 2016 as you are feeling vulnerable and quite touchy inside. This is not a month when you will be able to take criticism on board easily, and you should shy away from situations or people where you are likely to be put down. What you don’t need in April 2016 is negativity – stay away from the Debbie Downers, who seek to cast a shadow over everything. Sometimes you just need positivity around you, and you need to hear some compliments, and so make sure you surround yourself with upbeat people who are encouraging and who focus on the glass half full. Constructive criticism can also be a bad thing if there is too much of it without a balancing dose of encouragement.

In April, recreation and entertainment are very important – they say work is the rent we pay for life, and yet very often we end up paying that rent and never living. In April 2016 it is essential for you to get to work on having fun and letting your hair down. If something is not going your way, just drop it and forget all about it – this is not a month when plugging away gets you anywhere, mental breathers and a change of environment are what you need.

Sports and also mental games i.e. crosswords/Sudoku are an ideal outlet for you. If you have creative hobbies or work in an industry where you are artistic, you should have a large amount of energy to put behind new projects. Fresh air and the outdoors is very important right now – you need sunshine and to be active for your overall health.

Children’s parties, organizing children within something like a sports team, scouts/guides or teaching children sports and life skills can be a big part of the month. You may be instrumental in helping a child you know gain confidence or hone a skill.

April 2016 Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Children are very important for Capricorns in April 2016, and you and your partner may become closer in the way you both educate and support your children. But it is not only the children who are important, it is rediscovering the child within yourself and learning to accept and love that inner child. In April 2016 it is very important to re-examine the negative messages you may have received from adults about yourself as a child and how they affect you today. Sometimes even a careless or un-factual comment about ourselves we heard as a child can stick in our heads and plague us later in life.

Perhaps something your own child is experiencing now or a phase they are going through will allow you to relive your own experience and thereby put a positive spin on it and consign any neuroses that stemmed from it to the past. Maybe helping your own child (or a child in your family) overcome something you suffered with can help you get resolution. These events to do with children can have a very positive effect on your own self-esteem, and that will help relationships.

There is an issue in April 2016 with identity and self-love – the stronger your identity, and the better you treat yourself, the better love life and sex life will be. If you are too hard on yourself that may be feeding poor self-esteem, which is damaging your relationships. Focusing on pleasurable activities that reaffirm who you are and what you love about life, is the perfect way to put yourself into a positive frame of mind which will certainly aid both new and old relationships. Do not be afraid to have fun and have lots of it!

It is vital that your partner is supportive and loving in April 2016 – if he/she is negative, you need to make a stand and chastise them for being judgmental and not understanding.

Capricorn Career Horoscope April 2016

Cultivating good relations with co-workers is vital to smooth running of affairs – be tactful, be helpful, and go the extra mile to get along with others.

Bargaining and negotiating are a big part of April 2016’s work effort, and you will have to be creative in coming up with new plans and new ideas until you can reach agreement – prepare for meeting with plans A, B, C and D.

You may be called upon to deal with difficult customers or clients and use your skills with people to take a strong yet fair approach and get this resolved. Your analytical skills are excellent in April 2016, and this can enable you to find solutions to problems by examining figures, trends, anomalies and research. You can also use your intuitive business powers to suss out new opportunities.

Your work may bring you into contact with children via social work, legal work or human rights work – you can make some very valuable progress here by taking a strong leadership role to ensure something does get done rather than talk talk with no walk walk.


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