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Capricorn August 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our August 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Capricorn Zodiac Sign!

Capricorn August Horoscope 2016- Overview

All good literature is driven by confrontation and in life too, inner transformation, i.e. the story of our lives is driven by confrontation that is not always blatant. Analyze the subtle and the more obvious incidents in your life in August 2016 where you confront people or even fears. Often we draw to us people who reflect in us what we need to acknowledge and accept. The more we repress and deny aspects of ourselves or our personality, the more they control us by unconsciously directing our actions. Look closely at the people you attract right now, and who you lock horns with – what can they teach you about yourself?

August 2016 is also a month of turnarounds – someone you once trusted and cared about may disappoint you, and you may part ways, alternatively, you may develop a close bond with a person you had previously hated. What lies beneath is very important right now – the hidden motivations and desires. What makes you hate someone may also be what could ultimately attract you to them. You may have an odd feeling that something is missing: something that you used to enjoy has been lost. Perhaps keeping up with commitments and routines has led you to neglect doing something you really cared about, something that made you feel fulfilled – you must get back to that activity as perhaps some of the confrontation is driven by an inner frustration that you are losing part of yourself in the hubbub of modern life.

Health insurance for travel is vital – make sure you have it. A health or dental issue may arise on holiday and so make sure you are covered – nothing serious, just be prepared.

August 2016 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Strong emotions and intensity of feeling can make relationships both passionate and rocky in August 2016. You are not in a compromising mood, and you will not let things lie, which can lead to heated debates especially when it comes to money issues and matters of principle. However, much of your passion is driven by strength of feeling and commitment to making the relationship work. You are very protective and will react strongly to any perceived threat to your happiness or your family. You may subconsciously try and stir things up in the relationship as a way of gaging the depth of feeling of your partner.

Jealousy from both sides is an issue in August 2016, so is control and subtle mind games – once in a while we all play these, but it is not Capricorn’s style, and it makes you uncomfortable. This is, however, a passing phase and is merely a result of the strong emotions that have arisen, and which are not easy to understand. Changes in your life in general are impacting on the more intimate parts of your life, and a desire to protect this part from the changes can bring out this controlling urge. Even new relationships can be profound in the effect they have on you: Capricorns are private people, but you will want to open up quickly to your new love interest, and you can develop a deeper bond because of this.

Sex can be excellent in August 2016, even though it is driven by a strange cocktail of love, lust and obsession.

Capricorn Career Horoscope August 2016

Managing money and resources is part of in August 2016. You may be given responsibility for managing funds, anything from a hedge fund or petty cash. It is not so much about managing your own money, but being given the responsibility to look after, invest or hold in trust a sum of money. You must keep accurate records and be as transparent as possible.

Knowing how to deal with tricky situations is also very important in August 2016, and the line between right and wrong could get very blurred. You may have to keep a secret to protect your client or a colleague, and while this may not sit easily with you, it may be the only option.

In your business, you must organize the day-to-day running of your company to accommodate the changes and plans you have for the future – if you want to expand/sell overseas, now is the time to talk to your bank about foreign currency accounts, forward rates or anything else, i.e. insurance for goods in transit, trade laws or other bureaucratic issues that could affect you.

You may have to deal with colleagues or staff members who are not as keen as you are on the changes that you are proposing or that are required, and you may have to help motivate or even train them in order to convince them it’s a good idea. New training or further education to do with changes in your workplace i.e. streamlining, restructuring etc., could result in you attending a night school or college course.

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