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Capricorn Cartoon Character

Mr. DithersMr. Dithers from the long-running newspaper comic strip Blondie could easily represent the typical Capricorn with his hard-headed attitude and conservative outlook.

He, like the Capricorn person, believes in working hard as well as working smart. He runs his organization with an iron fist and expects only the best from his workers. His middle name is “micromanagement.”

When angry or even just irritated, Mr. Dithers likes to take it out on his underlings. He requires everything to be perfect and in its place, and when something isn’t what he thinks it should be, those around him need to beware his wrath.

Like the Capricorn personality, he will blow his stack when provoked by disorder, and both can be cruel taskmasters if they feel such harsh tactics are necessary to get the job done. Generally speaking, follow his rules and you will always get along with Mr. Dithers — or his Capricorn equivalent!

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