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Capricorn Dog Personality

As a Dog Capricorn, you’re a boring prude. No, seriously — if your Capricorn side doesn’t uncross those legs and live a little, you might as well climb into your coffin fully dressed. The years have flown past, and what have you done with them? You’re a wearer of whalebone corsets and steel-ribbed girdles in an era of frilly lace garter belts.

You’ve got the basic material, so feel free to shake it all around. Your family will understand — they love you, after all, even if you don’t pay much attention to their quiet regard.

You have a tendency to intimidate others into an unwonted silence because of your own Doggedly taciturn manner. Your children will be goaded into early rebellion by your staid ways, so look out for the ever-widening generation gap to come! Candy and flowers could go a long way towards quelling signs of romantic unrest.

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