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Capricorn Dragon Personality

What’s more important than romance in a Dragon Capricorn‘s life? As it stands, just about everything. Your career especially — the Dragon in you is so gung-ho for that big promotion and the next rung of the ladder to conquer that you can scarcely spare a moment for that hottie in the next cubicle who’s been giving you the eye all afternoon.

Fearless in every other aspect, you are squeamish when it comes to love, as you are uncomfortable sharing yourself with others on a personal level, thanks to your Capricorn heritage.

You’re afraid that others may find certain aspects of your personality unpalatable. Well, maybe they will and maybe they won’t, but you’ll never know until you try.

Try not to worry — no one’s perfect, after all. There’s more slack in the dating world than you might give it credit for. Don’t let mass media get you down; you don’t have to look like a model to get quality attention.

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