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Capricorn February 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our February 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Capricorn Zodiac Sign!Capricorn February 2016 Horoscope

Capricorn February Horoscope 2016- Overview

In February of 2016 saving and making cutbacks is essential for Capricorns – do not leave yourself short at the end of the month. Budgeting and money management are essential – you may have to borrow from Peter to give to Paul so to speak.

Capricorns are renowned for their ability to save and balance their finances, but unexpected expenses from the end of the last month/start of February 2016 may throw your monthly money map out of sync. You are, however, very skilful and original in the ways you arrange money or earn extra money.

February of 2016 is especially good for creating money-making opportunities via the internet i.e. Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, affiliate programs, eBay, etc. You may do a good clear-out of the loft or basement and find things you do not want, which you can sell to raise money.

February 2016 is also a good month for picking something up cheap at a sale or bric-a-brac shop and selling it on for a good profit – somehow you are able to see value in something which another has discarded and you can use that ability to turn a profit.

Capricorns are very artistic, and not many of you know that as The Goat is not associated with art – this is a very good month to discover that talent or to make more use of it. Your talents can be directed towards dress making, cordon bleu cooking or interior design – you may even begin a new business idea to do with these activities.

You have a great deal of confidence in social situations in February 2016 – as a Capricorn you can be charming and effervescent quite naturally, so this month is perfect for business mingling and networking, staff bonding and making friends fast in new situations.

Capricorn February 2016 Monthly Love Horoscope

Like people, relationships are unique, and one should accept and enjoy the quirks and randomness of your relationship without trying to force yourself into a mold of what you perceive as ‘normal’ or ‘unusual’. In February of 2016 your close love relationship or marriage will be more dynamic, and your routines and lifestyle may change for you as a couple. This may mean one of you working nights or one of you working away more.

Capricorn, a new baby etc. will create a total change in your relationship from a practical point of view, and this month you will have to figure it all out, it may be just what you both need in an inverse way. The new routines may create more freedom and actually bring you closer.

February 2016 is a very good month for couples who work together in business, and even if you do not currently work together, you may start to think about it, since many Capricorns are beginning businesses this year, it makes sense that you should do so with your loved one.

February of 2016 may be a month of discovery in even long-term relationships where you learn something you never knew about your partner – it can be something intriguing, and you will wonder why you had never noticed or asked about it before.

Single and attached Capricorns will have a very fun-filled Valentine’s Day – this year it’s more about laughs and fun than cozy romance and quiet nights at the fire. You may socialize with friends on Valentine’s Day. February 2016 is a very good month for romance for Capricorn,  as you are communicating very well and are confident in yourself.

Capricorn Career Horoscope February 2016

Capricorn, if your run your own business or are in partnership, in February 2016 you must pay more attention to how you come across – what does your reception area look like, how quickly do you answer calls, how fast do you return calls, do you update clients, are all your staff friendly and polite, does your coffee machine work – these factors can cost your business if you do not make sure they are smart and efficient.

Appearances and first impressions can be make or break in February 2016, and so in whichever field you work in, make sure your hair, hygiene and clothes look sharp – do not yawn, and pay attention to body language. Capricorn, we should not judge books by their covers, but this month people will judge you in this way, and so take note and remember what Karl Lagerfeld said, “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul.”

If you work in confectionary, a coffee shop, children’s entertainment, stationery, greetings cards or a salon this can be an excellent month for business. If you are looking to start a business or looking for a job, these are some ideas for you.

February 2016 is also a very positive month for Capricorn if you work from home or for those who are starting businesses to run from home – your motivation and energy are very high, and you can achieve a great volume of work. If you are currently employed, but have a skill, you may decide to quit the job and do what you do from home instead.

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