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Capricorn Goat (Sheep) Personality

On the outside the Goat Capricorn is very much the business-suited Capricorn professional. But you lead an entire secret Goat-style life on the sly that only a very few intimates are ever made aware of.

You prefer to separate your life into its private and public spheres, and furthermore you prefer to keep those two spheres rigorously separate from each other.

You may be an actuary by day, and by night write sumptuous poetry, or indulge in pleasures of the flesh that your cohorts at the office only wish they had the nerve to sample.

It is this wonderfully rich undercover existence that allows you to hold your head up high as you define for yourself a unique and excited personal existence, separate from — and far superior to — that of the common herd. Who cares if no one else but you knows of these accomplishments? You know, and that is enough.

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