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Capricorn Astrological Goddess Power

Capricorn Astrological Goddess Power

The Capricorn woman is a sexy authoritarian.

You are the grown up of the Zodiac and make the world more accountable and responsible.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Capricorn dear, you bring order to chaos and accountability to slackers and never break a nail or show a sign of stress in the process. Other signs can only look in awe.

Ruled by the taskmaster Saturn, nothing gets by you and you accept nothing but the very best from the men in your life.

There is never a mountain to high or a challenge too difficult that you don’t reach the highest level possible. You may not always go the same route as the masses but that’s only because you see a better way.

You can be elegant without ego and graceful without gloating. You make classy look easy and men are proud to show you off.

You never waste your time with pie-in-the-sky ideas but have a solid grounded sense and are a true reality maker.

You play by the rules and respect anyone that has accomplished something but you are here to make your own mark on the world and you will.

You have a quiet confidence that comes from deep within your heart, mind and soul. You rarely have an ounce of self-doubt and quickly adjust your circumstances if you do.

Appearance matters to you and you always look totally put together and expect no less from the man that you allow to share your life.

You are a serious partner who wants to build a life with the man you love. You create a solid foundation and maintain it for a lifetime.

A Capricorn will never be caught dreaming about what could or should have been. They are too busying doing what needs to be done.

You do an excellent job concealing your need for praise and thanks. Your heart is softer than your acts reveal and you want all the love that you can get.

Public displays of passion will never work in your world. You want hot, stream sex with the man you adore but only behind closed doors – no cameras please.

And Capricorn dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Capricorn Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your leadership ability is your power source. Many want to guide others but few have your impeccable skills to do so. You can light the way and let others succeed without having to micro-manage their actions or take credit for their acts.

Never underestimate this awesome power or let it go unused. Whether you rule a nation or run a restaurant, you manage to make people achieve more and feel better about themselves. The man in your life is truly lucky because he will have all the help he will ever need to succeed and will never even notice that you are the force behind it all. And your strong and secure ego will enable you to be fulfilled by the pure accomplishments. Now that is truly a Goddess.

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