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Capricorn Horse Personality

Industrious and thrifty, the Horse Capricorn actually enjoys work, and feels the sensation of the grindstone du jour as a delightful tickling. You’re very much the eternal “square” type — you’re practical and energetic, an attentive parent and loving spouse, for it stands to reason that you’re not much of a social butterfly, what with all of those Capricorn characteristics mitigating against such a trait.

You prefer to seek employment in those professions having to do with science and technology.

Should the brutal truth be told, you’d be perfect if you weren’t so dull and boring. Break free of your routine once in a while, for the sake of everyone around you (and the Horse half within you, too).

A mate who is able to get you to shake off the yoke of seriousness is worth his or her weight in solid gold, so should a person like that happen by, do not hesitate to take happenstance up on the opportunity that it was so gracious as to bestow upon you.

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