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The Capricorn Man

At times it is really hard to discover what hides behind that mask of hardness and of discretion of the Capricorn natives. These men are among the least chatty of the zodiac and they prefer to observe, to understand without revealing themselves too much. Their nature is deeply introspective but you should not underestimate their intelligence and the attention that they put into everything that surrounds them.

Capricorn men are people who have worked much on their professional abilities; they are certainly very ambitious and eager for self-fulfilment; the “career” is something that is very sought-after and desirable, and to get it they are able to make any sacrifice aimed at improving their abilities and sense of responsibility. They are excellent chiefs, resolute and detached managers and leaders, with great expertise and sense of responsibility, which are rare qualities these days.

This is also part of the deep psychology of this sign which has always fought against a sense of “usefulness-uselessness”. In their life, they had to include everything that was useful and abandon everything that was superfluous and pleasant and that was too often considered to be “useless”.

But that’s not all, because they often felt useless if they were not efficient and if they did not do what others wanted, and this is the information that rooted in the deepest meanders of their psyche since they were children, and their way of responding to this situation is not just a thirst for power. They think efficiency and professionalism are connected to existance rather than to an expression of personal power.

The hard surface made of seriousness, professionalism and efficiency has been the instrument thanks to which they have survived and have learnt to “feel that they exist”. In fact they have got satisfactions mainly for what they could “do” and especially “carry out” and … this is what they have built their life on.

Of course, this approach to life has required that he sacrificed the ability to really get in contact with “feelings” which in that situation were a problem more than a blessing, and what they have to do to find real completeness again will be to scratch the armour that they placed on top of their “feelings”.

The qualities on which a Capricorn can count are certainly sobriety, the desire to achieve goals out of merit and not by taking other directions, his real potential in which he often does not believe completely and which, therefore, he keeps on developing through method and discipline.

The Capricorn man can work hard, show determination and perseverance, but at times he is too disenchanted by life and by people; the constant relationship with reality, which has been his only inspiration for many years leads him to be too practical and not very imaginative and to distrust all means but rationality; if he wants to be complete, he will have to open up to this side of his psyche, so that he can mix his mind with his heart, which is just waiting to be “listened to again”.

Another of the characteristics of the Capricorn man is its almost total reliability. Since he has developed his abilities and efficiency, he got used to taking his own responsibilities and also what does not concern him upon himself. In fact when you look at him and his posture, you feel there is a natural tendency to “overburden himself” with duties and responsibilities, which end up entrapping him and making him become almost a robot, able to do anything without complaining too much, but he also loses sight of what is due to him and what is not and, above all, loses sight of himself.

Generally Capricorns need to let go part of their structure which is always too rigid and excessively based on “duty” and which, if for some time has protected them and prevented them from feeling the weight of their inner emotional vacuum, on the other hand has deprived them of the vitality and the love for life, which can remain buried for a long time beneath a kind of resignation that hides a distrust in having the right to have something more on an emotional level.

In fact the Capricorn men protect themselves against the “sensitive part of life” and look for material achievements because their past has toughened them and made them accustomed “to feeling undeserving of something else” and thus they always take everything from the material side, without having too many expectations about the rest.

Capricorns have been autonomous and self-sufficient since they were children; they have made a virtue out of necessity and have learnt not to ask in order to avoid feeling hurt by a refusal and do everything by themselves; the point is that this mental pattern is so strongly imprinted to the point of finally becoming a prophecy: “they do not believe they can be loved, and basically they search for confirmation in their attitudes”.

They will have to think about this for a long time also to avoid feeling betrayed by life and by their partners who, at a certain point, will leave them because they are too detached, busy, efficient but do not always take an active part in their love life and their relationship.

So, the insult seems even more tragic to them because after perfectly carrying out what they have always been trained to do, instead of winning the prize which each hero aims for (love, faithfulness and security), they end up losing their “princess” and everything else and this makes them particularly angry and disappointed.

If their aim in life is to become really autonomous, they must understand that this can be possible only if they include feelings into their life and if they fully participate in life, otherwise they will become a combination of rigid organisation, of duty and commitment that lacks empathy and the courage to enter their own and people’s soul.

The Capricorn man dark side lies in his fear of not being up to it enough and he must work on this until he defeats the dragon inside him, which still seems to ask him to answer parental figures that oppress him and block the expression of their inner child who still has to grow.

When this happens, Capricorns become relaxed, ironic, able to laugh at their paranoias and, above all, they can become fantastic partners to be with in the long journey of life.

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