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Capricorn Manipulation Potential

Capricorn Manipulation Potential

Capricorn people are generally easy going people. They are truly disciplined and serious in life. They plan accordingly, think deeply, and behave in positive ways throughout their lives. This sort of lifestyle is possibly able to confuse people who are party animals, for instance.

These Capricorn individuals live life according to the given rules, so that can prosper and succeed long term. Capricorn attempt to live a very balanced, orderly life. Their minds are refined and practical. For someone to manipulate their overall potential, they would have to know their ultimate weaknesses. Indeed, these Capricorn are able to have levels and periods of life where they become depressed and truly pessimistic. They can even withdraw, when their lives are not going according to plan.

Essentially, when their lives are not ideal, here is when trouble begins. An employer of a fellow Capricorn individual could ultimately use this against them in the work place, for example, by creating distress with the latters orderly work schedule and mess it all up for their hindrance. They would clearly be affected by this sort of manipulation, as Capricorn is easy to anger and would get upset just as quickly.

Another aspect of the Capricorn weak personality trait resides in their general ability to become moody in their temperaments. These guys and gals are thus inclined to exhibit bipolar behaviors as well. These characters change their moods in extreme circumstances, unable to slowly transition into stable manners of behavior.

Because most Capricorn people are so devoted to their work and career generally speaking, they project their overall energy in the material world. This might be a negative thing as while work is imperative for a functional life, success and happiness also stems enormously from personal wealth and partnership.

Therefore, a truly motivated Capricorn might refrain from entering in relationships. Later on, they might become depressed when things dont work out

A manipulation potential here includes people taking advantage if the Capricorns serious demeanor. Thus, it would be wise for these fellow Capricorn people to slow down while opening up their true natures for the whole world to see. They could keep their true inner selves inside and not become overly exposed with the external world, especially to people who are not their closest family or friends.

In addition, another manipulation opportunity involves coworkers simply staying away from group projects because they know you will do it anyway. You can fight back by behaving authoritative but also try to be more of a team mate sometimes, when the work calls for it at least. Your employer could basically even overload you with so many projects, because they are aware of your effervescent technical skills.

You will need to speak up as to not be overworked or taken advantage of. Also, here is where your sense of playing and pacing accordingly will work well.

So while Capricorn people are busy workaholics, they should manage their time more effectively in order to live a potentially happy and fulfilled life.

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