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Capricorn Monkey Personality

The Monkey Capricorn‘s greatest asset is your sense of rhythm as it applies to time and place. In the more literal sense, this can make you one of the all-time greats in any professional sport that may require such as sense, like basketball for instance.

Monkey CapricornIn a more representational sense, this could lead you to become a musician, percussion or otherwise — or perhaps a stand-up comedian, with your exquisite Monkey-inspired knowledge of where to drop the punch line so as to extract full effect from the joke.

Romantically, too, you’re right on time, but watch out for those who are just coming off of prior bad relationships. These may prove to be your Achilles’ heel, for while vulnerable at first, they may come to take up too much of your precious time and eventually disturb your equally precious personal equilibrium, so important to your Capricorn side.

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