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Capricorn October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Capricorn Zodiac Sign!

Capricorn October Horoscope 2016- Overview

You will be expected to nail your colors to the mast, this is not a month where you can fence sit, you will have to choose and commit to being on one side or another.

In terms of your public life, you will have to define your image – perhaps due to your job, you will now have to be more careful of what you put on Twitter or Facebook, or you may have to leave those networks altogether. It may be that getting a job as a teacher, in a bank, in the police etc.’ means you have to be more cautious about how you come across online or even in your private life, in case it casts a shadow on your professional reputation. Be careful about what you write on blogs and the wider impact of expressing certain opinions may have.

In October 2016 you should rewrite your resume/CV to ensure it is not only up-to-date, but that it sounds fresh. Like everything in life there are trends and industry buzzwords, and if your CV was written seven years ago for another type of job, it just will not come across as well as a freshly written CV which radiates your current attitudes and aspirations. Never underestimate that words we wrote conveyed the emotions within in us when we wrote them without us realizing it. If we write a letter or a CV in a negative frame of mind, the reader will pick that up subconsciously or even consciously, and it will impact on your letter or CV having the right effect. Whether you are writing a business letter, an advert for your services, an apology or a love letter, make sure that you write them in the appropriate frame of mind if you want a result.

Home moves are again possible in October 2016 and could occur due to a job move.

Capricorn October 2016 Love Horoscope

Striking a home life balance is far easier in October 2016, and everyone is a winner. Some of the things you chose to do with your children will be driven by your need to re-live your own childhood and can bring you much closer to your family.

There is a strong need to feel that your relationship is growing and evolving – if you are in a relationship where you feel that nothing can change, nothing can get better and that there is nothing towards which you are both striving, then maybe you will have to question the future for you both. You may, as has been mentioned in this book before, have recently moved home to somewhere new to you (new town or country), and the sense of adventure may be just what you need to bring you and your partner closer together in a sense of discovery. This is the month for a new page in all relationships, and it is very exciting.

Love in a foreign land is very much a theme, which means that relationships could bloom on holiday or while working abroad, or an old relationship could flourish in a different country. Relationships between couples of different religions or cultures can be especially rewarding.

If you have been together for a long time, you may suddenly decide that you would like to make your relationship formal with a religious ceremony.

Capricorn Career Horoscope October 2016

Acting in concert with political, social and economic developments is essential – I think 2016 will be another year when global debt, austerity and fluctuating growth will affect all our lives, and so do not be an ostrich which sticks its head in the sand at the hint of crisis – keep abreast of developments in your market or industry and stay prepared.

Embracing new technology and adapting quickly to IT advancements that can improve logistics, order processing or the efficiency of what you do is vital.

In October 2016 the law of contract will be especially relevant to your work – ensure any contracts you draw up are watertight, do not place all your trust in lawyers as no one knows your business like you do, and you need to oversee contracts personally. Do look carefully at everything you sign for hidden clauses that may cause you inconvenience or losses further down the line.

October 2016 is a very successful and significant month for those who work in legal services, negotiators, diplomats, personnel and recruitment agents and also sales.

In all careers, you will be required to use your speaking and writing skills effectively – you may even need to hold a press conference or write an article to be published.

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