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Capricorn On Second House Cusp

Capricorn On Second House Cusp

Capricorn On Second House Cusp

Capricorn in 2nd House – Capricorn on the cusp of the Second House

Your financial, material, and physical resources are likely to come through achievement-based methods and means. You probably work hard (or will need to) in order to get what you need to have the lifestyle you want, and you may find that you need to lead others in order to reap the benefits of the efforts you make.

You have an inherent wise and authoritative presence that can be a very lucrative quality for you. However, if you allow yourself to start taking your influence and power for granted, you may lose your credibility and your effectiveness in getting results.

Capricorn here has to develop a higher sense of values. Most Capricorns emphasize security, material security in particular, and must realize that life is dual in nature, should not put that much emphasis on the material aspects of life as being the reality of life. There is a hoarding quality to Capricorn, and one might remember the analogy to the flow of water through the stream, that if the water is blocked, it stagnates; it must be allowed to flow out to others.

There is not necessarily anything wrong with the material things in life and having things, possessions. The problem is how they are to be used, not only appreciated for the sake of itself, but also for the pleasure that it can give to others. It is the use of material things, the proper use of material things that Capricorn has to learn.

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