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Capricorn On Seventh House Cusp

Capricorn On Seventh House Cusp

Capricorn On Seventh House Cusp

Capricorn in 7th House – Capricorn on the cusp of the Seventh House

In this house placement, Capricorn is apt to seek partners who are ambitious and success-driven, whether or not the native is or isn’t so driven themselves (which can often happen with this placement). It seeks partners who can help it achieve its goals and ambitions, or who will possibly do the hard work for them. They love that their partners will take the initiative to get things done, and that their partner may motivate or encourage (or push) them to succeed in their own right.

This is a perfect placement for business partnerships, and someone with it may want to be part of a romantic couple/life partnership who is also in business together. No matter how the partner shows up, success, status, and achievement will be important qualities for them to possess or for them to bring out in you.

Capricorn must learn identification of self with all of life, the ALL of life. Any union that Capricorn forms, is usually from the viewpoint of the security, the practicality. It is not uncommon for someone with Capricorn on the cusp of the seventh house to marry late in life, to marry from the viewpoint of the material advantages.

The emotional or love aspect often is secondary. They make excellent business partners, for they are business oriented, and very exact, also very honest. In marriage itself, Capricorn would be extremely faithful, and if the marriage were not working out, would do everything possible to maintain the status, for the pride is involved, and Capricorn would not like to admit defeat or failure.

The seventh house initiates the southern portion of the chart, the intellectual, spiritual aspect of life. Also, it is the third quartile, the “WE” concept, the identification of self with all others. This is the non-self, so the introversion of Capricorn and the conservative qualities of Capricorn must give way to the concern and consideration for others, the identification of self as an individual as a part of all of life.

Since Capricorn requires a degree of security, Capricorn here must realize that there is that inner security in being at one with life. He doe not need to derive it himself as apart from and a protection against life and what he views as adversity. In the case of any union, whether it be marriage, friendship, or business, the Capricorn here must realize that it must give and not just always be looking for what it can receive.

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