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Capricorn On Sixth House Cusp

Capricorn On Sixth House Cusp

Capricorn On Sixth House Cusp

Capricorn in 6th House – Capricorn on the cusp of the Sixth House

If ever there was a workaholic placement, this would be it! Your day-to-day life is all about getting things done and getting the desired results while doing so. Being so goal-oriented and focused has its advantages in that you probably get your daily to-do-list done each day.

The challenge is that you may be pretty inflexible when it comes to that list and how it gets done, and you probably don’t take too kindly to surprises or changes to the status quo that require you to make appropriate adjustments or modifications to your plans. You want what you want how you want it, and when you don’t get it your way it can be a prime example of Capricorn’s authoritative influence and power gone awry.

In the main, most Capricorns at birth are not too well physically. They tend to get healthier as they grow older, they live long lives, and the location of Capricorn on the cusp of the sixth house could tend to make a Capricorn more cautious of health. They tend also to be subject to illnesses of a tension nature, for they live from the nerve centers.

Once again, it must be repeated that the Capricorn must be involved in life, in the activities around them, and this is further encouraged by the fact that the sixth house is the house of the public, the house of service, the house of teaching. Teaching does not necessarily have to be in a structured classroom situation. Teaching by example is perhaps the best type of teaching, or by being involved with others. Every opportunity could be seized by the Capricorn in 6th House to bring to the attention of others the necessary philosophy and ideals on a very practical level for maintaining life.

Virgo, the natural ruler of the sixth house, is happy simply to work. Capricorn generally is very willing to work and will work hard as long as it is getting the recognition from that work that it needs. Here with Capricorn on the cusp of the sixth house, it helps to give Capricorn the qualities of being willing to work for the satisfaction of working, setting aside some of this recognition that it inherently wishes to have.

Though Virgo has a problem in applying discrimination to what it works on, Capricorn uses too much discrimination based on needs of self, and a happier, more altruistic middle ground must be sought. And as we are approaching the Southern portion of the chart, the concept of the non-self should begin to demonstrate itself in Capricorn when it is on the cusp of the sixth house.


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