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Capricorn On Third House Cusp

Capricorn On Third House Cusp

Capricorn On Third House Cusp

Capricorn in 3rd House – Capricorn on the cusp of the Third House

You probably think a lot about how you can pursue and achieve your goals and ambitions. This is the challenge with this Capricorn placement – you want to think and talk about your goals, but you may be challenged in actually doing anything to get them moving forward. Then you get upset because you don’t have any tangible results!

As long as you remind yourself that you actually have to DO something and you take the necessary actions, you may find that any knowledge, information, or assistance you need will also come forth to help you achieve your desired results. You don’t need to know before you take action.

Since this is the house of brotherhood, the Capricorn sign must align itself with mankind to share knowledge and to share experiences with others. Here, the introvert quality of Capricorn could prevent the sharing of this. Capricorn, in studying and learning things, needs to work at its own pace, which is generally slower than others. That does not mean that it is not as brilliant or is not as understanding of the knowledge that it is seeking. It should learn not to compare itself with others and feel at a loss if they learn more quickly.

Of course, this is the house of communication, and one of the problems of Capricorn is to develop the proper means of communicating with others. There is that non-involvement quality of Capricorn. Also, the Capricorn tends to be highly selective in what it studies, usually concentrating only on those things in which the Capricorn is interested, and not seeking the interrelationship of all disciplines.

Usually a Capricorn is not a good neighbor. By that it is not meant that a Capricorn is a bad neighbor, but tends to remain aloof from the activities going on in a neighborhood, tending more to keep its own interests and activities within the framework of their own home. It certainly is not a gregarious sign.

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