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Capricorn Ox Personality

The Ox Capricorn is the sort of person who will dissect the goose in order to find out why it keeps giving you the golden eggs. The Ox in you will never give up on a project; instead, you attempt to take it to its ultimate conclusion, with the result that you quite often manage to pervert its initial mission statement and indeed to mangle the results. Coupled with this amazing faculty for “stick-to-itiveness” is your incongruous gourmet’s palate.

Ox CapricornNot that this connotes an interest in healthy food — just really classy junk food. No prepackaged snack cakes for your dining pleasure, but make it a double portion of baked Alaska, and pronto!

Folks born under this sign are also repositories of received knowledge, and it doesn’t do any good for anyone to argue with you — even though you can be wrong about things with disturbing frequency, as a true scion of the house of Capricorn you’ll never admit it.

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